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The RoArk Group does more than just talk about sustainability, we have developed our own sustainability strategy. We recognize our company and our industry has a responsibility to the environment and ensuring our planet is inhabitable for future generations.  The RoArk Group strategy includes the following, though we continue to challenge ourselves and our employees to come up with “green” initiatives that we can roll into our strategy.


All of RoArk’s standard inks are vegetable-based. During the normal course of our manufacturing process, we do not use petroleum-based inks. ALL of our ink formulations are deemed non-hazardous resulting in very little waste which can be safely deposited in landfills.

Digital Workflow

With our adoption of a CTP workflow, RoArk eliminated film and with it, we have eliminated the heavy metals accompanying the printing process.  We have also been able to eliminate the hazardous film chemistry that was required for processing film-based printing. All printing plates are recycled through an aluminum recycler.

Paper Handling

All waste paper generated during the press and bindery processes are collected, bailed, and recycled. RoArk has also implemented policies and procedures to substantially reduce the amount of waste paper generated by all activities.  Pallets are recycled. Electronics and computers are recycled. Office paper is recycled, as well as all lubricant oils used throughout the company.

Hazardous Waste

All hazardous waste is shipped via a certified disposal company to minimize its impact on our environment.  For complete record keeping and in accordance with federal regulations, RoArk maintains MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) for all chemicals utilized in our plant.

RoArk encourages all employees to adopt a Personal Sustainability Strategy to find ways to address sustainability outside of their work lives. The goals of the PSS surround healthier eating and lifestyle habits, replacing inefficient lighting and home appliances with better ones, using environmentally-friendly and non-toxic home cleaning products and getting involved in like projects in one’s community.


There is a role for all of us in the promotion of sustainability, so as an extension of our commitment, we actively encourage our customers and their agents, designers, print buyers and marketing managers to make design and purchasing decisions that are sustainable and green.